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If you have Sunglo® or Sunpak® heaters,
you have found their guardian angel!

sunpak s34

Sunpak® S34-TSH

Two Stage Hardwired

sunpak s25

Sunpak® Heaters

Models S25 & S34

sunpak s34tsr

Sunpak® Heater Model S34-TSR

Wireless Remote


Sunglo® Heater A270

Portable Propane Heater


Sunglo® Heater A244

Overhead Mount


Sunglo® Heater A242

Free Standing Base for Portability


Sunglo® Heater PSA265

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Authorized Service Provider
With our service, your products will last longer and will perform at maximum efficiency
  • Authorized service dealer for Sunpack® and Sunglo® heaters
  • On-site patio heater service, repairs and maintenance
  • Free Estimate
  • Servicing Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura county
  • Unlimited 1-YEAR warranty for our work, no questions asked
  • 20 years in business (since 1995)
The only thing that beats our quality products
is our quality service

 (805) 298-3184


Infrared Dynamics, Inc. developed the first infrared patio heater in California over 50 years ago. Since then the concept of outdoor heating has spread from warming up backyard patios to becoming a key element for the success of commercial outdoor venues such as restaurants, country clubs, ski resorts, senior centers, botanical gardens and amusement parks. As a California manufacturer for Sunpak heaters and Sunglo heaters, Infrared Dynamics takes a great deal of pride in its products.
Don’t be misled by the low prices of low quality heaters
They Simply Won’t Last!


Cheap products from big box department stores are not made of the same quality and will not stand up to the rigors of commercial use.